Magic 102.7

MAGIC 102. 7 was launched in 2007. The New music format along with basic selection features Adult Contemporary along with Aged Institution tunes genres & speak applications, as well as a once a week Latin/Salsa indicate upon Saturday nights along with On the church applications along with inspirational content material. magic 102.7 bermuda, magic 102.7 online, magic 102.7 oldies, magic 102.7 dc, magic 102.7 bermuda number, magic 102.7 playlist, magic 102.7 phone number, magic 102.7 birthday challenge, magic 102.7 studio m, magic 102.7 format change, magic 102.7, magic 102.7 address, magic 102.7 app, magic 102.7 dj, magic 102.7 events, radio magic 102.7 nicaragua en linea, magic 102.7 fm bermuda, magic 102.7 live, magic 102.7 logo, magic 102.7 listen, magic 102.7 news, magic 102.7 bermuda phone number, magic 102.7 bermuda online, majic 102.7 online, magic 102.7 phone, magic 102.7 radio bermuda, magic 102.7 radio station, magic 102.7 stream, majic 102.7 streaming, magic 102.7 bermuda streaming, magic 102.7 website.

Magic 102.7 official website address is

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