Kantipur FM

Kantipur FM

Kantipur FM 96.1 is one of the main private FM radio stations in Nepal. Radio kantipur has the biggest working system which covers 59districts and its encompassing regions including our neighboring nation. It has transmission through Bhedetar, Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Chitwan, Butwal, Pokhara, Nepalgunj, & Dhangadi hand-off stations while Pulchowk, Lalitpur is the primary station. Since its foundation kantipur FM has been telecasting through 96.1 MHz and in 2065 B.S it began its western transmission through 101.8 MHz i.e. (pokhara, nepalgunj and Dhangadi). aastha kantipur fm, alisha kantipur fm, ambika kantipur fm, e kantipur fm 96.1 live, kantipur fm, kantipur fm 101.8 mhz, kantipur fm 96.1, kantipur fm 96.1 download, kantipur fm 96.1 kathmandu, kantipur fm 96.1 kathmandu live, kantipur fm 96.1 kathmandu nepal kantipur fm 96.1 mhz, kantipur fm 96.1 online free, kantipur fm 96.1 simply best,, kantipur fm 96.1kathmandu online kantipur fm 96.1mhz, kantipur fm 961 com live, kantipur fm 961 com news, kantipur fm 97 mhz, kantipur fm address, kantipur fm app, kantipur fm archive, kantipur fm award, kantipur fm chart, kantipur fm contact, kantipur fm contact number, kantipur fm countdown, kantipur fm daily kantipur fm daily news, kantipur fm diary, kantipur fm download, kantipur fm download free, kantipur fm headliners, kantipur fm hello mithila, kantipur fm hem subedi, kantipur fm history, kantipur fm hit list, kantipur fm homepage, kantipur fm host, kantipur fm hot property, kantipur fm hot shot, kantipur fm i love it i hate it, kantipur fm in nepal, kantipur fm latest news, kantipur fm live, kantipur fm live 96.1, kantipur fm live download, kantipur fm live net, kantipur fm live streaming, kantipur fm location, kantipur fm logo, kantipur fm nepali songs download, kantipur fm nephop show kantipur fm news, kantipur fm news download, kantipur fm news podcast,, kantipur fm news time, kantipur fm no tension, kantipur fm office, kantipur fm official website, kantipur fm on air, kantipur fm online kantipur fm online free, kantipur fm online listen, kantipur fm online nepal kantipur fm phone number, kantipur fm podcast, kantipur fm presenters, kantipur fm program download, kantipur fm program jeevan ko goreto, kantipur fm program list, kantipur fm program schedule, kantipur fm programme, kantipur fm programs, kantipur fm pulchowk, kantipur fm radio, kantipur fm radio 94.6 kantipur fm radio nepal, kantipur fm radio rastra ko, kantipur fm rate card, kantipur fm recorded program, kantipur fm rj, kantipur fm rj aastha, kantipur fm rj list, kantipur fm rj photo, kantipur fm rj prajwal, kantipur fm rj sabeena, kantipur fm rj sabeena karki, kantipur fm sabeena karki, kantipur fm sabina, kantipur fm sabina karki, kantipur fm samachar, kantipur fm schedule, kantipur fm song download, kantipur fm songs, kantipur fm staff, kantipur fm team, kantipur fm the headliners, kantipur fm top 10 nepali songs, kantipur fm yo maya, kantipur fm.com, kantipur fm.com.np, kantipur fm96 1, kantipur fm96 1 live, kantipur fm96 1 mhz kantipur.ekantipur fm, radio kantipur fm.com, www kantipur fm 96.1, www kantipur fm 96.1 mhz, www radio kantipur fm live, www.kantipur fm 96.1 mhz,


Kantipur FM 96.1 official website address is www.radiokantipur.com

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